Tiit Aleksejev

Tiit Aleksejev, born in 1968, graduated in history from the University of Tartu, where he also obtained a master’s degree in medieval history. He has worked as a diplomat in Paris and Brussels, and currently lives in Tallinn. His first short story, Tartu rahu (The Peace of Tartu) won the annual award from the Estonian literary magazine Looming in 1999, his first novel Valge kuningriik (The White Kingdom), was awarded the Betti Alver Award in 2006 for the best debut novel.

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Works represented

  • Valge kuningriik (White Kingdom, novel, Estonian), Varrak  (2006. pp. 198)
  • Palveränd (The Pilgrimage, novel, Estonian),Varrak  (2008. pp. 304)
  • Kindel linn (Stronghold, novel, Estonian),Varrak  (2011. pp. 224)
  • Leegionärid (Legionaries, play, Estonian), Kultuurileht (LR) (2010. pp. 54)