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National Book Award 2021

WINTER IN SOKCHO by Elisa Shua Dusapin (Open Letter, tr. Aneesa Abbas Higgins) is the Winner of the National Book Award for Translated Literature 2021: a « tender and mysterious novel » about the uneasy relationship between a French Korean receptionist and a French cartoonist who lands at the guesthouse she works in.

With a forthcoming movie adaptation by Koya Kamura, the novel has become a true literary phenomenon:

  • translation rights sold in 27 countries WORLD FRENCH to Ed. Zoé; FRENCH/Paperback to Folio/Gallimard; WORLD ENGLISH to Daunt Books; ENGLISH/US to Open Letter Books; ENGLISH/ANZ to Scribe Publications; ALBANIAN to Botime Pegi; WORLD ARABIC to Hachette Antoine; BULGARIAN to Altera; CROATIAN to Hena Com; DANISH to Arvids; DUTCH to Het Spectrum; FARSI to Danesh Afarin; GEORGIAN to Academic Press; GERMAN to Aufbau; GREEK to World Books; HUNGARIAN to Magvetö; ITALIAN to Ibis Edizioni; JAPANESE to Hayakawa; KOREAN to Book Recipe; NORWEGIAN to Cappelen Damm; POLISH to Kwiaty Orientu; PORTUGUESE/Brazil to Ayiné; ROMANIAN to Eikon; RUSSIAN to Text Publishers; SERBIAN to Cigoja; SWEDISH to Ersatz; TURKISH to Can Yayinlari; WORLD SPANISH to Alianza
  • film rights sold to Offshore Production